Investment Philosophy

EISAL is a specialist investment advisor in the Asian equity markets, our business is to provide investors with superior absolute returns from their investments in the region.

Based in Hong Kong, EISAL is better able to keep abreast of fast-evolving environmental trends in the Asia-Pacific region.

EISAL specialises in opportunities that will derive more than 50% revenue or earnings from the Environmental & low-carbon sector:

    • Clean Energy - wind, solar, geothermal, 2G biofuels, biomass, hydro, waste-to-energy


    • Alternative Energy - natural gas - LNG, coal-bed methane - CNG


    • Water Resources - conservation, treatment, desalination, metering, bottled water


    • Environmental Services - waste management, recycling, energy efficiency


    • Green Transport - electric vehicles, hybrid batteries, particulate filters


    • Carbon Strategy - opportunity from evolution of GHG markets in China & Asia

Pioneering Philosophy