Save China’s Tigers – Again a Green Dragon Fund Award Recipient

(July 1, 2011 – Hong Kong) Once again, Save China’s Tigers was proud recipient of a generous grant from the Green Dragon Fund managed by Environmental Investment Services Asia Limited. EISAL is a specialist investment advisor in the Asian equity markets and is Hong Kong’s first fund management company focusing on the environmental sector - not only to help green companies raise funding, but demonstrating to investors that being green has both environmental and economic benefits. A significant portion of the fund’s management and performance fees is donated to environmental NGO’s like Save China’s Tigers.


SCT has twice previously received the award and has used the funds for important maintenance, feeding and veterinary expenses of five second generation cubs who are critically important to the conservation and preservation of the endangered South China tiger. The funds also provided reserve trucks for daily operations including the transport of government officials, visiting scientists and journalists.


The 2011 grant will be used for an Operations Centre - a facility that would be a modification and rebuilding of an existing garage structure that will incorporate: a workstation for staff operations, a storeroom for operations equipment and tools, a Cool-room (for tiger food storage) with freezer for science sample storage, a generator room & generator (for emergency and back-up power required for the facility) and a garage for operations vehicle parking. The generator room is an important element of this facility due to the probability of frequent power failures.


Save China’s Tigers founder, Li Quan said: “This new Operations Centre will be an important component in the daily operations in Laohu Valley Reserve and the continued success of the project. Further, we feel that by the rebuilding of an existing structure, it represents an effective yet economical usage of donor funds. I want to thank Jeremy Higgs and all our friends at Green Dragon Fund for their passionate and dedicated support of our cause”.


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